CHEM Technology

CHEM has refined its technology for over 20 years, combining the same fuel cell technology that the world’s largest car makers use with CHEM’s proprietary and patented fuel reforming and generator design to provide state of the art fuel cell solutions to its customers around the globe.

Through CHEM’s research and development facilities in Taiwan and the United States, CHEM continues to push the technological envelope and maintain its leadership in this field.

How does our Fuel Cell Work

​Fuel Cell system is comprised of 3 main components: (1) fuel delivery, (2) fuel reforming (H2 production), and (3) power generation subsystem.

  • Very few moving parts: higher durability and reliability; nearly silent operation
  • Modular design: Fast, easy, repair, refurbishment
  • Low maintenance: periodic filter replacement
  • Low weight compared to diesel generators: Rooftop installations
  • Remote diagnostics, monitoring, and control

  • Technology Background