CHEM Energy Fuel Cell solutions

Replace diesel generators and make money for telecom customers


Drive Cost Down

  • Lower Opex
  • Lower Theft
  • Lower Vandalism
  • Lower Emmisions

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    Start Saving

  • Increase in profits
  • Increase in the network availability

  • Using CHEM’s methanol fuel cell system provides a range of economic benefits, including:

  • Lower operating costs compared to diesel generators: fuel cells are efficient and have few parts to wear out.
  • Higher reliability and network uptime: fuel cells have almost no moving parts, leading to high reliability.
  • Zero diesel theft: CHEM’s fuel cells use methanol-water mix which is of no economic value outside the fuel cell.
  • Reduced batteries: Battery banks can be cut in half, and/or switched to Lithium Ion.
  • Reduced vandalism: There are no parts in the system of significant theft value.
  • Reduced management distraction: CHEM and its partners can manage all aspects of power supply via an SLA, or provide a menu of options to remove power supply headaches from management. Remote monitoring and control: Enable central, real time diagnostics, monitoring and control of thousands of fuel cells. Smart mobile device access is also available.