Parent Company

  • Established in 1956
  • Group Capital – USD 140 Million
  • Group Revenue: USD 400M/Year
  • Power Equipment, Engineering and Energy Management
  • TSE: Code 1513, Listed since 1994
  • Headquarter: Linkou, Taiwan
  • Manufacturing in Taiwan, Mainland China, and South Africa (in the process)
  • ISO 9001/9002/14001/AS 9100

  • About Us

    CHEM ENERGY SA PTY LTD is a subsidiary of the CHEM Group, based in South Africa. CHEM Energy is focused on producing the latest generation of fuel cell products, the G5, for backup and continuous (off grid) telecom power solutions.

    Our Mission

    CHEM Energy’s mission is to provide telecom fuel cell solutions that reduce the cost of power and increase network reliability by replacing polluting diesel generators and unreliable batteries with clean, efficient and dependable fuel cell systems.

    CHEM’s fuel cell technology and products have been perfected for over two decades and are now replacing diesel generators around the world. Whether the problem is diesel theft, vandalism, high OpEx, unreliable power, remote sites with no power, or sensitive sites, CHEM can provide a fuel cell solution that is superior to diesel generators.

    CHEM Energy welcomes the opportunity to work with your team to demonstrate how CHEM Fuel Cells can solve your most difficult power challenges.

    SA Fuel Cell Manufacturing

    CHEM Energy has constructed a state of the art fuel cell factory at the Dube Tradeport, in Durban, South Africa. Ideally situated for import and export throughout Africa from Durban’s large seaport, this facility will also provide key local support to all CHEM’s customers, including remote monitoring, level 3 diagnostics, repair and refurbishment with rapid response capability.

    CHEM Energy is TUV certified, which is a mark of distinction in safety, quality and sustainability.

    View the Certificate: here