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July 9, 2020
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Chem announces construction of first fuel cell factory in SA

Chem’s fuel cell plant will create a new supply chain in SA.

Chem Corporation (Chem), a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of electric solutions including motors, generators, switchgear, hydrogen generation and stationary fuel cell power systems, is moving its newest-generation fuel cell product manufacturing to SA.

Through its subsidiary company, Chem Energy SA, it has secured a facility in the Dube Tradeport Special Economic Zone (SEZ), at the King Shaka International Airport in Durban.

The manufacturer’s fuel cell products have been supporting Vodacom’s telecom network since 2011, with nearly 300 units installed in SA. Chem’s latest fuel cell product, the G5 ME Fuel Cell, provides greater reliability than batteries or diesel generators at a lower cost and significantly lower emissions. The G5 ME Fuel Cell protects the telecom network against power cuts and is able to bring power to off-grid areas faster, more reliably and at a lower cost than the alternatives.

“In addition to increasing manufacturing jobs, Chem’s fuel cell plant creates an entirely new supply chain in SA. It can serve as a cornerstone of world-class technology from which to build a complete hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem, and unlocks mineral beneficiation,” Chem SA director Hal Koyama said.

“Chem is grateful for the efforts of the Dube Tradeport SEZ, and the department of trade and industry for their support of this initiative. Without their creative and dedicated efforts, this could not have happened.”

“We are pleased to see the first significant investment in the manufacture of fuel cell. We will work with Chem to realise the full potential of this sector,” trade and industry director-general Lionel October said.

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